Hidden Market of BPO


Since we have extended our business to UK, we have found a massive demand of outsourcing business. Majority of the companies are dealing with BPOs based in India and some have even inspired with Philippines to further reduce the cost.

In our persistent determination to serve our clients with a better option, I start searching BPOs in Pakistan and to my surprize, I found many companies dedicated in BPO business, are already serving American and European companies with a better quality at a competitive cost. The visibility in the western world of Pakistani BPOs is low mainly due to lack of marketing both from corporate world and the government beaurocracy.

Another main reason Pakistani BPOs are not visible is because of their hectic operations in the domestic market. We are talking about a country with 200 million populationbase and a massive size of local businesses that have consumed most of the BPOs capacity. To cover the ever-growing demand, the BPOs have set up their units in various cities instead of expanding in one location. This is servingtwo purposes; extending their reach to the businesses in various parts of the country and at the same time covering their business continuity plan (BCP). In case of any security or infrastructure issue, the BPO continues it’s operation as all their units in various cities are interconnected and at the same time working as independent units. This strategy provides the BPOs not only a risk-free operation but also generates scalability and cost effectiveness.

Overwhelming with the quality, value addition, cost and willingness to “do more” attitude, I have made various alliances in Pakistan and now able to offer even better service and at a better cost to our clients not only in UK but also in the Middle East.

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