Sir Edward Leigh and the Art of Public Speech

It was a very big honour for me to meet with Sir Edward Leigh, member of parliament and a British Conservative Party politician. He was knighted in the 2013 Birthday Honours for public and political service and received the Légion d’honneur in 2015. Talking to him about his political career, his opinions about the present issues and glimpses about his personal life was a fascinating real-life story.

A personality like him is always a great source of knowledge. Especially the secrets of public speech, how to capture audience with well-timed pausesauthenticity of the opinionsoccasional humour and simplicity of the concepts were all to learn as the best public speaking essentials. I used to deliver lectures to a larger audience in a very much class teacher style but eventually I realized that public speech is an art. I personally believe that a good public speech is all about timingWell timed pauses, gesturesand silence play a vital role to capture audience. A successful speech is a product of speaker, message and audiencewhen it is done, it is goneBody movement is critical, it adds life in the contents. How to stand, move, gesture, passion and openness are basic ingredients of a successful delivery of thoughts. Our audience is strongly affected by listening instead of reading from the screen.

Mastering a great speech doesn’t come from following the rules, it comes straight from heart, passion and engagement with the audience.

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